5 European Art Cities That Americans Love

When it comes to travelling for art and culture, the number one destination has to be Europe. And with so many Americans travelling for the art scene in Europe, the question has to be, where do I go?

With so much on offer, and so many cities, it’s all too easy to get lost in the noise. Europe is a big place and its treasures are spread all over the continent. So, today we’re going to have a look at the top 5 cities thatAmericans love to visit when they travel to Europe to soak up the culture.

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Of course this list has to start with the capital city of Paris, the beating heart of French art, culture and of course the city of romance.

Everyone knows about the Louvre, the world’s largest collection of art on public display, but Paris has so many more museums to offer. Add to this a dizzying array of monuments, churches, buildings of significant architecture, and the Eiffel Tower, you have the perfect location for Americans to soak up the history and beauty that Europe has to offer.

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Capital of the United Kingdom and England, super cool London has it all. From the British Museum, home to some of the worlds best art and ancient artifacts to awesome architecture like the Tower Of London, the Houses Of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and the newer striking developments that are changing the skyline.

London has a lot to offer to American visitors, and you should do your homework before you visit.


I know, you may say that Rome should have topped this list, and there’s some great reasons why it should as well.

Rome has been the centre of European civilizations for millenia, and it has the sites and art to prove it.

From the Colosseum to the Trevi Fountain, barely a corner can be turned without discovering something amazing.

Whilst you’re there, why not visit each of the Egytian obelisks that scatter the city. It’s a great way to get around and see the sites.


We’re staying in Italy, because Florence can’t be left off this list.

Florence really does give you the true flavor of Italy. Crammed full of excellent museums and drenched in the most amazing architecture, this city really should be in your travel itinerary for Europe.

The cuisine is quintessentially Italian, and you’ll have no trouble finding something you love in one of the many restaurants.


Finally, we’re heading to the Czech capital of Prague. Not to be missed, this jewel in the centre of Europe offers real old world style and gothic appeal.

Feast your eyes on the Old Town Square, and taste some authentic Czech beer, and you’ll be hooked and wanting more!