3 Unique Creative Careers

Choosing a career is exciting, but it can also be stressful. You don’t want to do a job you hate, but you also want to be able to support yourself. If you like being creative, consider a few unique creative careers.

1. Voice Actor

If you like to act but don’t want to deal with costumes or makeup, consider becoming a voice actor. You can work in the entertainment industry, or you can focus on helping businesses with audio messages.

A successful female voice actor Palm Beach County FL can make a decent living from home. So if you don’t want to move to California, you don’t have to.

2. Music Therapist

Do you like singing and playing music? Do you like working with kids or people with health conditions? Combine the two and become a music therapist! This career is very broad, so you can work with young kids or older adults.

You need to be able to play a few instruments and sing. And you need to be patient. But this job is a great way to share music with others.

3. Pastry Chef

Do you like to bake and be creative at the same time? You may want to become a pastry chef. In this career, you can start by working for a bakery, or you can work for yourself.

Pastry chefs can focus on any sort of sweet item, from cakes to chocolates to doughnuts. Think about what you like to bake the most and if you have the skills to do it professionally. You can go to culinary school to learn more about cooking and build connections to help start your career.

If you want to be creative at work, you need to choose the right career. Keep these ideas in mind when choosing what to study in college and where to apply for a job.