Yes, You Can Travel Safely and Legally With a Firearm

It is perfectly normal to travel with a firearm. Gun owners don’t just stay in one place, after all. They may carry a handgun every day or take rifles and shotguns for hunting trips across the country or around the world. If you decide to travel with your guns, Follow these tips to ensure that you know how to do it in a safe and legal way.

Check Hotel and Airline Policies

You can fly with a firearm, and it isn’t a very difficult process. Some basic rules apply, but it is best to check your airline’s policies about cases, locks and ammunition before you pack up. When you head to the airport, plan to leave at least an extra 30 minutes of time for checking in and a TSA search. You’ll want to ask any hotels you are staying at about their policies, too, since they don’t all welcome firearms.

Know the Laws in Your Destination

The federal government largely leaves the handling of licenses and permits for guns to individual states. That means that gun laws often vary between states, and that permits may not be accepted once you cross a border. Both experienced and first time gun buyers should take the time to check the laws where you are headed. If you are driving or taking a multi-stop trip, you will also want to look at places along the way to avoid any complications.

Pack Them Securely

Long-distance travel with a firearm is completely different than heading to the range or your favorite local hunting spot. While you always want to practice safe gun handling, you will also need to think about protective measures that will allow your firearm to get to its destination intact and sighted in. A hard case with molded foam is generally considered secure. Be sure to use one that also accommodates any scopes for the best experience and a TSA approved lock if you are flying.

With a little planning, you can safely travel with a firearm. Know the laws, follow any carrier policies and pack guns securely to avoid damage.