Why Home Décor ‘Wall Stencil’ is a great DIY way to decorate your home or office walls

Purchasing a home is a daunting task, but decorating it as per your requirements & budget is a more difficult task. Being an owner of a house or office, you would want to decorate the walls, flooring, etc. in a manner that the decoration is in sync with your style quotient and it becomes more of a fashion-forward statement. There are many options to achieve the goal, but Stenciled Walls is the latest trend that is catching up at a rapid pace. With Wall Stencils, you can participate in the wall design & decoration process, as all you require is an inclination towards DiY (Do It Yourself) approach for design & minimal understanding of color combination. Coloring and decorating your room would no longer look boring since your family members can also collaborate in that activity.

You can always argue that designer wallpaper would suffice your requirements, but you will be stuck with the same design. On the other hand, walls designed using wall stencil design can be customized according to your requirements and it is also quite budget-friendly option as compared to wallpapers. Since you would always have ‘sentiments’ attached to your home, with the Wall Stencil’s DiY approach, you literally get a chance to maneuver wall design as per the latest market trends!

Before you stencil the wall, you need to make sure that you have the following

  • Stencil
  • Foam Brush or roller
  • Floor protector or some cloth for cleaning up the floor
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint
  • (Optional) Cardboard, in case you want to try out wall-stencil design as a dry-run.

Make sure that the wall is ready for painting i.e. wall putty is done and the base coat is applied. Select a blank wall in your house and choose a color & stencil as per your requirement. In order to select wall stencils, you can visit gallerist.in which is an online art gallery that bridges the gap between art & art admirers and your wall stencil would be delivered in 3 working days.

gallerist.in has an exclusive collection of Wall Stencils – traditional, modern, geometric and floral. Art is always unique and hence you will need art forms for a bedroom, kid’s room, balcony, hospital room, office, etc. If you plan to take a more traditional and authentic approach to designing those walls, you can even opt for Tangore/Islamic Calligraphy/Folk art/Buddha/Kerala Murals/Madhubani/Kalighat paintings from a vast collection of 15,000+ paintings on gallerist.in that are created by 3,500+ artists. Walls decorated using stencils with paintings hung on to it could turn out to be a style statement and something that your guests would even love it!

So next time when you plan to decorate the bedroom, kid’s room or any other room in your house or even your office; make sure to team-up with your family members or friends for an exciting coloring session with Wall Stencils!