Top Vape Pen Brands

The most models have a pen look with refillable cartridges. Companies choose to make them because they are more convenient, it is easy to use, and also does the job well. It is a combination of a bigger battery than cig-a-like vaporizers and smaller design than variable voltage type. Depending on the price the quality will differ, but most of them work on the same principle.

The difference is usually in battery and how much e-liquid you can place in the device. Also, the biggest reason why users choose certain model is the design instead of performance. Many models will have worse performance but with a great design and will still sell better, it won’t be a major difference in performance, but to experienced vapers it matters. Every experienced vaper will tell you to look up the best vape pens online and then buy which you think is the best among them.

Types of brands

The biggest difference in vaping brands is the design. Most of vape panes have the same battery life, and the difference in the size isn’t that big. The battery life can range from 600 to 1200mAh, there are also larger or smaller, but you shouldn’t get them because they will have some other features that are bad. So, when you see a bigger price on a model it is usually the brand name or a lot of time invested in the design.

KandyPens Amber Rose

This vaporizer is a symbol to many people because it is an original design by Amber Rose. Like the star, it is very beautifully designed and full of surprises. The design is also classy, and it is very lightweight and slim. Besides the looks, it is one of the best on-to-go vaporizers.

The difference between this and other models is that is handmade with Quartz Crystal Chamber. They have put in a lot of time to be sure that this model has beauty and performance at the same time. The only problem users see with this model is the price that goes up to $150. But, because it is an Amber Rose model, a lot of people are ready to make the decision and get one.


SOURCE is well known in the vaping industry, and when Slim 4 came out, many users knew that it will be great. This pocket-friendly, durable vape pen is cooperative with 9 separate SOURCE 4 Series atomizers, all offering various flavors, density, and effects. Flexible airflow toggles cloud capacity. And a hidden silicone case is great for on-road vaping. This model exceeds in vapor production without losing portability.

Slim 4 have a quartz double coil, coilless quartz, and two atomizers. The company worked a lot on the vape chamber. Really great titanium coils are providing large vape clouds, and are also certified. This kit can fit in any pocket because it is just 4.7 inches tall. Many vaping profiles can be experienced with an atomizer combination, the variety of airflow and temperature.

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Many users like the solid steel design because it makes it a lot stronger than majority. If you think you are clumsy, and you had experienced in broken phones or devices like that, this can save you money and also give you what you have expected from a great vape pen. You can find this model for around $90 which isn’t that cheap for vape pens.

R2 Series GEN 3

ThisThingRips vaping company did a great job with R2 Series GEN 3. The design is what every user would want. The black slim design with a green “R” in the middle looks better than classic pen models. They have put a lot of work into making it as slim as it can be, so the battery has only 650mAh, but that still is enough to work for 12 hours. This also depends on how much you are using it.

It has a feature that only other expensive vapes have, and that is the revert system that automatically heats to the point as same as the last session. It means that you don’t have to go through the settings every time you turn on the device. It will take it only 5 seconds to heat up, so it is perfect if you are constantly on the move.