Print and Show Your Photos in These Creative Ways

Hidden on our smartphones or on memory cards, our digital photos should instead be displayed and enjoyed. Apart from using them as your phone’s background or laptop’s wallpaper, print your favourite photos.

The most fun way to print and showcase your photos is with photo books. Take a look at Colorland photo books for tips and ideas on how to create yours. If you’re feeling artsy and inspired, find art supplies UK companies.

1) Photo Books

Photo books make for fantastic coffee table display items, as gifts, and as treasures of your last holiday, wedding, family get-togethers, or a showcase of your best photos.

2) Clip Display

Transform your home office with a clip display of your photos. You can place these on a shelf in your study or as desk displays. Simply use paper clips as a photo stand, and use the flat edge of the paper clip as the base. Fun, edgy, and always appealing to glance at.

3) Display Box:

Similar to a photo album and photo book, a wood or metal box can be bought at any home decor retailer and you can have your photos printed and cut to fit within the box. Place your photos inside the box for a lovely coffee table conversation starter.

4) Framed Photos

The traditional way to show off your favourite images is by mounting them in frames. You can hunt for pre-owned or vintage frames to use, or you can simply buy a set of frames in different sizes. That way you’ll be able to hang your photos in your hallway, office, lounge, bedroom, and even make them as gifts to your friends and family.

5) Photo Grid:

Do you have a large, bare wall space? You can create a photo grid of your favourite images. You can block mount them, or tape them to the wall, or frame them individually. Be as creative as you want to create a beautiful photo grid.

6) Fridge Magnets:

Print your photos as fridge magnets to live on forever. From family photos to sports, to portraits of friends, you can print them in any size and shape to stick onto your fridge or give them as gifts to your loved ones.

7) Canvas Prints

Printing your photos on canvas will transform them into photo gallery quality images. These can be made to suit any size and any wall space.

8) Photo Collages

Collect and arrange all your favourite photos, crop them to be the same size, and then arrange them block-style into one photo print. It is a wonderful way to showcase your family, beach scenes, or anything that your mind wants.

9) Photo Puzzles

Not a traditional way to use your digital photos, but a very clever format to use. Some photo printing companies offer this service to allow you to select one of your own photos to be used for a puzzle. It is another fantastic gift to give.