Making a Home a Work of Art

Ever wondered how you could make you home a more artistic or give it a new quirk? You might be happy with the look of your house but even something as cool and trendy as a set of column radiators can make all the difference and give a room a new angle, plus they are super-efficient have a look at You might not want to go as far as some of these people have done but then again you’d certainly be noticed.

  1. Kinver Rock Houses. These oddities are almost like something out of the Lord of the Rings. Set in the county of Worcestershire these are ancient dwellings that were still being used up to the nineteen sixties. They were literally cut out of the rock and then the entrances bricked over to create a wall. Windows were included and a porched entrance added. There is also a brick built chimney. Now owned and maintained by the National Trust the sandstone ridge makes for a dramatic dwelling.

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  1. Haewoojae is a very extreme type of house in South Korea. To be honest it’s hard to see why anyone would want to live in it as it is based around looking like a mirrored toilet. It translates into English as a house that satisfies anxiety but not if you get anxious about people pointing and saying “ooh look, they live in something that resembles a mirrored toilet”.
  2. Miziara in The Lebanon. If toilets aren’t your thing then maybe you’d prefer a nice house in the shape of the Airbus A380, with wings of course. Many of the houses in the area are more akin to part ruined Egyptian pyramids or a nice Greek temple but obviously the designers got bored of that and decide to mix it up with the representation of world’s biggest commercial passenger plane. One can only imagine the fraught conversation this would cause with a council official.

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  1. We’ll end on a quite lovely one. This is the Heliodrome nestled in the France’s Alsacian countryside. The idea of the house is based around a sundial and it makes the most of the Sun’s rays to keep the insides cool and temperate. No matter what season of the year the suns positon is maximised so that it also heats the house too. This is just the prototype and many more are in the planning stage with a four bedroom version and a bungalow style. It is hoped they will be appearing throughout the world.