Looking On The Bright Side of Beekeeping

The Basics That You Need To Familiarize Yourself When It Comes To Beekeeping

Just like any other business, hobby or pastime, the cost required for a startup is quite much. However, once you start up, you will only require little capital for day to day running of the venture. Increase in market demand for honey has led to the expansion of beekeeping practice. Beekeeping is practiced for both home users as well as for sale in local and global markets. The article lists all items that you should have before starting this beekeeping practice.

First and foremost you require bee hive covers and bodies. This is what serves as bee storage for their honey. These covers come in three sizes: Deep, medium and shallow. Deep bee hive bodies serve as storage units for eggs and also nectar as well as pollen in winter period. Both the medium and shallow bodies act as storage units for nectar, but the shallow one is used when the medium one is full

It is almost impossible to carry out effective beekeeping if you do not have the required protective gear. Every individual know how best that they can protect themselves. Almost every person wears a veil when attending to bees. A veil is simply a netted headgear that helps to protect your face from a bee sting. Some beekeepers go to the extent of ensuring that their whole body is well covered while others are comfortable with covering their body parts.

Another equipment that is very vital is the smoker. A smoker is very effective in making the bees less wild, and hence you can collect all the honey at ease The first days of handling a smoker are usually very challenging.

Poor weather leads to decrease in honey production as bees are not in a good position to gather nectar. This makes you need to look for an alternative which in this case is a feeder that is filled with sugar syrup that is homemade. The current weather condition mainly influences the ratio of water to sugar in the syrup.

You definitely cannot carry out beekeeping without bees. Once you purchase bees, they are delivered to you in a ‘package’ that usually weighs three pounds and must have a well-mated queen. Three pounds of bees are equivalent to about 10000 bees.

If practiced accordingly, beekeeping is a good income generating venture, with a ready market and its product, the honey selling at very good prices. EbeeHQ is one of the best organizations that can help you with more information about beekeeping.The article will provide you with information of the basics of bee keeping.

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