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All You Need to Know About Wine Tasting

One of the most crucial skills that take time and effort to learn is wine tasting. Professional wine tasters are normally employed by wine producers to taste their wine. Such people are usually paid handsomely to ascertain the quality of wine before it sold in the market. Wine tasting contests are even organized by vintners to bring together the best tasters to compete in their art. There is a particular way of doing wine tasting, irrespective of whether yu are a pro or are just doing it for fun. Here is some useful information about wine tasting for those who might not be in the know.

Rules governing the wine tasting process. Wine tasting procedure in itself is a refined process that can only be managed well by experts. You will, therefore, have to stick to a given routine if you wish to get the desired results. And it doesn’t matter whether you are in a hotel, a party or at the vineyard itself. It is recommended that you only put the number of people in a room that is capable of holding them during the process of tasting. Crowding wine tasters in a room is bound to create undue pressure which may cause the results of the tasting being unreliable. A bottle of water should also be placed within reach so that the taster can rinse their mouth before tasting the next wine.

Blind tasting of wine This is a kind of tasting where you taste wine without being informed about the bottle of wine. It consists of pouring wine for two or more tasters from a bottle without a label. Wine makers normally want a taster to give an honest view of the properties of the wine they are tasting. And the opinion can only be genuine if they get to blind taste the wine in the bottle. A taster is bound to give a biased view on the quality of the wine if they have some prior information about it.

Horizontal tasting of wine. Horizontal wine tasting is the process of tasting wine from different wineries. The purpose of horizontal wine tasting is to determine which wineries are producing the best quality of wine. It involves the tasting of wine with the same characteristics and year of production but from different wine producers.

Vertical wine tasting This is the process of tasting different types of wine from the same winery. The same make of wine from different years of maturing are normally tasted in this case. Vertical wine tasting is carried out to determine which wine has the best style and composition fir for the market. Through vertical tasting, the owner can also find out how the weather affects the grapes at different seasons of the year.

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