How to Learn Magic Tricks, Illusion, Prestige and Cards?

Everyone has an idea of what we are going to be in the future and most people make this decision by being amazed by that certain job. Because magic is pretty amazing, a lot of kids wish that they knew the skill and share it with others. But, unfortunately, when they realize how hard it can be, the majority stops at some point.

If you are not in the majority and really want to learn how to make people feel stunned, you need to know some basic stuff of learning tricks and illusions. It’s great that information is widely accessible and you can find out things online like on this Strikingly site where our fellow French speaking magicians can learn about card manipulation. Now, it is much easier to learn than before and there are much more things to do, so you can pick which way you want to go.

Train Your Body

It doesn’t matter if you want to do illusions or close-up magic, in order to execute every trick the best way you need to be physically prepared. A fast change behind a curtain, getting out of chains, and operating with props can be very exhausting. And the worst part is that they might doubt you if they see you breathing heavily after a trick. It should look magical and easy.

Many people don’t know that the most famous magician Harry Houdini was in very great shape. He said that he can take any punch to the stomach and it won’t hurt him. Some of the exercises don’t include going to the gym, it is more like swimming, jogging, and cycling. Weight lifting can also help, but you should work more on reflexes. Equipment can be very heavy, and you can’t let someone else set it if it is the part of the illusion.

Study Illusion and Choose a Character

You probably don’t know, but there is a bunch of literature about illusion. They aren’t just written by the people who did it, there are books that study this art. You can learn a lot from these books for free. Maybe you will make your own trick after learning new things. It depends on you, how long you are willing to work on it.

Choosing a new persona has become a standard choice of every new magician and it is much easier to work on that than implementing yourself in the act. Even if you want to have a boring character, it may be interesting to the audience which matters the most. You probably saw many of them dressing the part and having different accents. This will probably take less time to learn and adapt then learning a new trick. It can be a benefit if you are foreign and have a different accent. There are a lot of people you can learn from online like this French magician.

Practicing a Trick

Mastering a trick can be very difficult and it can take years to master it. You will never be sure that you are great at it until it works on the audience without a mistake. But, when is that perfect time to perform and how not to make a mistake while performing the first time? That is a hard question to ask because there isn’t a perfect answer.

When you are sure that you won’t make a mistake you can perform it in the mirror and see if you can detect a problem. Also, if it is sleight of hand trick you can try doing it blindfolded. You should feel where the important part happens and how perfect you did it. If you can do it blindfolded, you shouldn’t have a problem with others. The only thing that can affect you is stage fright. The equipment you have also matters a lot, so choose wisely. Read more on this Weebly site.

Psychology Factor

If you understand the basic psychological factors of manipulation you will have a big advantage that will help you pull the trick to the end. It will be much easier to gain their attention to the thing that actually doesn’t matter in the act. This allows you to focus on the main problem which takes less than a second to complete.

This small gap of gaining their attention on something else is usually the most important part which doesn’t let them figure out how you did it. When you master this, you won’t have a problem even if something goes wrong, you can find a way to pull it off.