Four Facets of Arts Education

A good arts education encompasses many facets of art and music that teaches students about history and culture. In order for a student to be exposed to many different kinds of art, consider theater, music, architecture and visual art.


One of the great things about theater is the wide range of art forms present in different kinds of theater. Going to a play exposes you to acting, going to a ballet exposes you to dance and going to a musical exposes you to singing, acting and dancing all in one. From opera to Shakespeare, there are so many different things to see in the theater scene. If you are not sure where to start, NYC theater reviews can help you decide what to see.


Music is another form of arts that crosses time, place and genre. You can experience music in an opera or theater setting or go to concerts in a variety of ways. Classical music can be experience at the symphony or in smaller concert settings. Jazz can be found in nightclubs or on big stages with big bands. From Baroque to Rock and Roll, there are many things to be learned about the history and span of music.


Architecture as an art form can be found inside and outside of museums. Some of the most well known architectural structures stand as historic sites across the country and across the world. Some museums house pieces of architectural masterpieces for safekeeping and others can be explored up close on the land they were built.

Visual Art

An arts education would not be complete without exposure to the variety of visual arts that have captivated people for centuries. From pottery, to sculpture, to paintings and to clothing, the visual arts provide a history of modes and styles that have evolved across the recorded history of people. Fancy museums and even small street vendors can showcase some of the art of the past and the present.

There are endless ways to enrich an art education through these four categories and beyond.