Four (4) Reasons Print Media is Still Valuable Despite the Advent of Internet

The world is now a global space. Everything and anything can now be found on the internet. People can get things done on the internet.  Information can also be passed across to the public via the internet which can also be called electronic media. All this can make you wonder what the fate of print media will be.

It is generally known that, formerly, to pass information to the public, it had to go through print media – newspapers, catalogs, brochures, etc. Since the invention of the internet, and the free access of information by all and sundry, it seems like people no longer cast a glance at print media to the point that one might think that it has now gone extinct. Try visiting  Collected.Reviews for further insight into what we are talking about.

Truly, electronic media has a larger opportunity of reaching more persons and this is because almost everyone has a vast knowledge of the internet and how to get information off it.

The advent of the internet may have halted the rapid growth of print media but print media is still valuable. In this article, we will be talking about the reasons print media should not be totally condemned. Read to the end to find out more.

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Here are a few reasons print media is still relevant below:

·       Trust

Some people are very resistant to change and unwilling to try something new. Irrespective of how vast the electronic media has become certain people remain loyal to print media. It gives them a sense of legitimacy because of the non-exposure to overwhelming pop-ups, banner ads, spam, and viruses

·       Information Lasts Longer

Of course, your information online can be backed up to your email or your phone, the catch is that you have to remember to back it up, else you are losing that information. Online information is also exposed to cyber theft and crimes and there is the need to deploy extra efforts on adequately protecting your data. This is completely different for prints.

·       Accessibility

While it is true that electronic media has more reach, there are places that the electronic media can’t cover that prints can cover properly.  Obviously, not everyone can have access to electronic media, and not everyone knows how to use it. There are remote places in developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa that have no or limited access to the internet. The print media is most appropriate for this category of people.

·       Tracing Information

For print media, when people put out fake news, it can be traced and the culprits, reprimanded. While for electronic media, the information can be easily deleted without leaving a trace.

We may conclude that both print media and electronic media remain relevant in today’s world and they play complementary roles in reaching out to various kinds of audiences.