Coffee Near Me: A Centuries-Old Journey Finally Comes to a Close

Coffee is a centuries-old beverage with a long, sordid history; in fact, its origins date back so far they’ve become largely lost in history. Legend has it Ethiopian goats are actually responsible for promoting the drink so loved today. Hundreds of years ago, the goats’ owner noticed they had a bit of a change in energy levels after eating the berries now known as coffee beans. From there, the story really took off, so to speak.

The Arabian Peninsula Gets a Wake-up Call

Several hundred years later, coffee made its way to the Arabian Peninsula where it quickly gained acclaim. Local farmers realized its potential and began to commercialize the matter to an extent. Sometime during the 1500s, the first historical records of coffee houses came into play. Those weren’t examples of coffee near me, but they certainly paved the way for it become more widely known.

Onward to Europe

Within a couple hundred years, coffee traversed the seas to arrive in Europe. There, it was met with fear and distrust. Surely a dark, bitter liquid capable of altering your perspective on the morning had to be of the devil. In spite of the negativity, coffee shops cropped up across Europe as well, eventually helping to clear away the myths and misgivings. This new beverage reportedly replaced beer and wine as the breakfast drink of choice over time.

Good Morning, America

Yet another two hundred years later, coffee finally did make its way to America’s shores, as did the growing tradition of coffee houses. It quickly spread across the nation, filling hearts and homes with hot, caffeinated bliss. Here, people were much more willing to trust the drink than those in Europe were in the beginning. It was taken in, accepted and skyrocketed to stardom.

The rest, as they say, is history. Some 400 million cups per day now fuel the nation’s population and keep things going from before sunup to well after nightfall. Coffee has become a favorite beverage, an ongoing addiction, a conversation driver and an all-around institution over the last three centuries. New varieties constantly crop up, each one different and more unique than the last. Obviously, it’s here to stay, and the legacy will continue.