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Three Hotels with Strategic Locations in Bangkok

Categorized into a list of shopping paradise places in Asia, Bangkok offers a variety of products ranging from world-renowned brands to low-cost, yet unique fashion products. Not surprisingly, foreign tourists, especially from Indonesia, love to visit Bangkok especially if it is not for ‘buying’.

When you experience something fun, time will pass quickly. So do not be surprised if in Bangkok you feel the 24-hour time goes so fast. To maximize your time while in Bangkok, it is better if you choose a strategic hotel (close to shopping centers). In addition to saving time moving from one shopping place to the next, you also save energy.

Well, if Bangkok is your vacation destination in the near future, Hotels Combined, a search and price comparison hotel site especially in the world has selected 5 hotels with strategic locations in Bangkok with rates under $ 100 per night.


1. Solitaire Bangkok