Those with money save money

Last week I was in Beaverton, Oregon, visiting my wife’s family. No special occasion just decided to get away from our house on the few days we had off and we thought we could use a little rain in our life. Since it’s getting close to springtime the weather in Oregon was actually quite nice. My wife and I enjoyed many hikes and walks through downtown Portland.

One day we were hiking Opal Creek and I had a fatal accident. No injury to my body what so ever, but something worse, my cell phone. We were climbing up these rocks and my phone fell out of my pocket-landing splat on the ground. If you have ever dropped your phone before you know what I mean by the horrible feeling of panic when it drops. I quickly rushed down to see how bad the damage was. The phone landed on its face so the screen was cracked pretty badly. The phone was turned off from impact so I tried turning it back on. To my surprise it actually turned back on. The only thing broken was the glass and LCD screen. So looking at the glass as half full, at least my phone still worked and stayed somewhat intact. But every time I looked at my phone it irritated me to see the cracks on my screen and discoloring of the broken LCD. For those of you who don’t know the LCD is what displays picture or color on your phones screen.

Broken Phone

When we got home that evening I searched all over the web to purchase a new phone. I even called my cell phone carrier, Verizon and asked how much it would cost to buy a new phone from them. The common price for an iPhone 6+S would cost me 600 bucks to buy it just its self. I couldn’t get a deal on any of them because it wasn’t time for an upgrade on my plan.

I didn’t really want to pay 600 bucks to buy a new phone so I decided to look into getting it repaired. I searched all over Google for the right cell phone repair shop. A website with good reviews and a decent price. Many of the websites I found were just horrible. They gave barley any information on their services, pricing, and looked like they were built by a five year old. Then I found Beaverton Cell Phone Repair. This website was nice! It had everything I was looking for. The website wasn’t too spamy or complex. It was easy to navigate through, had lots of information on their company and what they offered, and they made it easy to find their contact information.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.51.43 PM

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Local succes

Recently I purchased myself a brand new 2016 BMW M3. Its a very nice car I love it. It has the right amount of luxury and sport all in one car. I love that this car has plenty of power to help get me to my destination in a timely fashion.



It is springtime here in Grand Junction, Colorado, which means it’s almost back to 90-degree weather. The other day I was sitting in work traffic on the way home when I noticed how uncomfortable the heat rays were on my skin. My car wasn’t really that warm due to me blasting AC, but when the sun isn’t blocked and is just blazing on your skin you can still feel that heat. Plus I’ve heard its not that good for your skin. So I decided to have my windows tinted. Not only did I want my windows tinted for protection, but to add a nice sleek look to my new BMW as well.

So I started my search on the web for the right company to work with. I looked for those who had good reviews, prices, and seemed like they offered great service. Now if you haven’t noticed by now, I like to do my research before making any type of decision. I believe in finding the best of the best for a good price. I don’t just look for the cheapest thing out there because I do believe in you get what you pay for, but I try look for something that’s in the median. So of course I ran a thorough search and came across multiple companies before finding the right one.

When I finally found the right company I knew they were good just form the phone call. Their name was Grand Junction Window Tinting. I have to hand it to these guys they have the makings of a great company that will out last all of its competitors. When I came across their website ( I was taken aback by how informative it was compared to others. By informative I mean it wasn’t just, “we do tinting x,y, and z, boom there”. They really take their time to explain their services and benefits of their product. Which really prevented me form asking a whole lot of questions over the phone. The design of it was simple, easy to navigate, but not too plain. It didn’t look like it was super spammy and tacky of a website.

Gj Tinting's website


I contacted them to receive a price quote and a very nice enthusiastic lady answered the phone, so that’s always a good sign. I forgot her name, but she provided great answers to my questions and was very helpful. She also contacted me the day prior to follow up on my appointment and as a reminder. Not only did they have great service online and over the phone, but in person as well. Their technicians were all so very nice to me and took time to chat with me about my car. They also took time to explain to me how they were going to tint my car, showing me what type of tint they planned on using, and also offered many examples of what different shades of tint looked like, so I could figure out how dark I wanted to go.

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