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1st Art Gallery Reviews has Valuable Tips for Artists

A clean cloth can take on a wave of creative ideas, but it can become as easy as a real source of stress for any artist, generating a whole series of questions: “what do I paint?”, “Where do I start?” To make your job easier, if your favorite painting support is the canvas, we present a series of eight useful tips, by courtesy of 1st Art Gallery reviews.

  1. How to prepare the canvas

Stretch the canvas on the wooden frame or buy support with the already stretched canvas. Removes the plastic foil in which it comes packaged and begins the process by applying synthetic glue or a layer of gypsum designed to protect the fibers of the cloth and smooth the surface thereof. These substances may vary depending on the paint used later on the canvas.

  1. How to prepare the background

After applying the gypsum, you can prepare the …