Career Options for People With Theater Degrees

Your love of the arts carried you through your undergraduate studies and brought you to the other side with a theater degree. Breaking into show business can be a long process, though. Here are some options in which people with extensive theater training can thrive.


Use the skills you learned in college to link goods and services with the people who will benefit from them. Marketing executives may hold auditions for a female commercial extra or a male voice over artist. If you have the look or sound they’re seeking, you can get paid to act in their ad. This kind of work helps build your resume and lead the way to other opportunities.


If you have a way with words, you can pair it with your training as an actor to develop screenplays. Drawing from your knowledge of what the cast members need to see when they read a script, you are already ahead of the game when it comes to screenwriting. Create stories and write directions for others to convey the narrative to the audience.

Set Design

Maybe the behind-the-scenes work is your strength. Design work is in demand whether you want to work with a theater company or a network studio. Flex your creative muscles by creating beautiful backdrops for the scenes of the show.

Drama Therapy

Art can be both a challenge and a comfort. Acting is cathartic for many people, so it’s no wonder that therapists harness the same skills to help their clients heal. Combined with additional training in psychology or counseling, your degree in theater can equip you to reach people who struggle with a variety of mental health issues.

Not every graduate from a theater program goes on to become a big star. There are many things you can do with your degree that may not involve a lot of acting at all. You don’t have to limit your options while you’re waiting for your big break.