An Overview of Gtst Gemist Page

Good Times Bad Times (GTST) is the Dutch soap that is broadcasted by RTL4. This show is broadcasted daily. The show highlights the inhabitants of the town of Meerdijk. In the storyline of the show, all the social and sensitive issues are being addressed. GTST is considered to be the oldest soap opera which has been long running all these years in the Netherlands.

Basically like any other daily soap, GTST also has some highlights which include marriage, divorce, kidnapping and so on. But as the years have passed, GTST is now famous for its more controversial storyline.

There has been a special gtst gemist page which is created especially for all those people who have missed an episode of this daily soap. You can have a quick look back and. Well, you might be a die–hard fan of this widely popular daily soap and wouldn’t want to miss even one episode of the same but due to some circumstance, if you have missed an episode, you do not have to worry anymore! You can look up to 5 days back for the gtst gemist episodes.

What are the features of the GTST gemist pages?

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Some of the controversial storyline and scenes:

  • The death of Frits van Houten: businessman Frits van Houten was introduced into the show during its second season but later the residents of the areas realized that he was a man that would go to any extents to achieve what he desired for. He was married to one female, but he had many affairs and one night stands. Also, he used to get many death threats but none of them was taken seriously by him. Then came the most significant scene from this soap where this man was killed. After a span of 10 years, it was found that Frits had a twin who was the one who had murdered Frits.
  • Drugs and jail: some weeks before Rik de Jong would marry the love of his life, he discovered that his teenage son was forcibly asked to smuggle drugs to Singapore. He refused of his son being a part of this mega-deal and offered to do it himself. Later, Rik was caught and taken into custody. Since he was married and he knew he wouldn’t get out of jail anytime soon, he wanted his wife to move on with her life. She found it difficult to do so, but yet she tried her best.

GTST also has its yearly summer break, which has its ending normally somewhere in June and it resumes back on television in September. Earlier the cliffhangers were more into family drama but off late, they revolve around disasters and twists that are totally unexpected.