Who is Thomas Collins?

You are probably wondering to your self right now, who is this guy? Why is he blogging about this stuff? Hello, my name is Thomas Collins and I am an aspired entrepreneur. I live in the town of Grand Junction, Colorado, the largest town west of Denver. My wife is from Grand Junction and we both decided to move here after we finished school and got married, to be closer to her family. We both studied at San Diego University, Go Torero’s! Sorry just demonstrating some school spirit. I studied law and my wife business. When we moved to Grand Junction I started working for a local law firm. Talk to anybody not from Grand Junction and they will tell you its dump. I too agreed with them when I first visited there. Coming from Portland, Oregon, which is my hometown. I wasn’t use to a small town that felt like it was in the middle of the desert. But it didn’t take too long for me to fall in love with the beautiful book cliffs and amazing Colorado National Monument. I also grew fond of living in a smaller town, less people, less traffic, and I loved that it didn’t rain 360 days of the year like the North West.

My Home City

Grand Junction, CO

Ok well enough about my personal life lets get down to the point of this whole blog. So as I mentioned before I am an aspiring entrepreneur. You might be questioning why? Thom you have a good paying job, making 140,000 a year. Yes, I know, I love my job and earnings, but I would like to create a business or multiple businesses for my children to take over when they are of age. Why? Because not everyone is made to become a lawyer like me. That’s why I want to leave something for the kids to help them decide their own destiny. Frankly I also don’t want to be a lawyer till the day I die, so when I retire I want to make sure I have something to make up for my decrease in pay checks.


Recently I have taken it upon my self to study what makes a good business. How are they able to thrive and survive? Look at companies like BMW, Ford, or even Coke. They have been around for years. Outliving many of their competitors. Some may think it is because of sheer luck or coincidence, but its not. It’s due to their ability to adapt, create new products, always one step ahead of their competition, take someone else’s ideas and make it better, and they also are not only experts in their product, but getting it in front of people as well, marketing.


By now you might wonder, what’s up with the whole twilight thing? Well one of the definitions of twilight, is a state or period of gradual decline. Hence the twilight of a dying business. Everyone has lived long enough to see a business die. For example, Borders books or Block Buster. I have done a lot of research on these companies so as to not make the same mistake. I plan on never having a twilight of my business, no sir; I want to be in for the long haul.

My Thoughts

Here on Business Twilight I will be sharing the things I am learning form my mentors and research. So if this interests you too, keep on checking my blog out. Not only will I focus on dead or dying companies, but companies or individuals that have been able to thrive as well.


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