8 Benefits of Branding- Why You Need a Strong Brand

You’ve heard that branding is crucial for a business and might be wondering how a business benefits from having a strong brand. It is a dynamic environment. However, the following are eight main advantages of branding which a creative agency hampshire can help you with:

1. Customer Recognition

You should never ignore the power familiarity grants your business. Whenever a customer is out shopping and notices the unique typography, colours and images of a specific brand that they know, then it is highly likely that they will pick up that item rather than any of the other myriad other products on display. Reason? It is familiar and easily noticeable.

Great branding resonates with shoppers regardless of it being outrageous and eye-popping – for example, the earlier mentioned Screamin Sicilian Pizza – or if it’s simple and zen such as the one for And Union Beer.

2. Customer Loyalty

Great brands are able to retain customers once shoppers start to recognise and purchase a service and product. The brands are able to convert shoppers into loyal brand followers. By combining an amazing product with wholesome branding that engages the shoppers directly, a business will be able to establish strong customer loyalty and build on it.

3. Enables Consistent Marketing

After a business has its branding set up – the organisation philosophy, colours, marketing, typography, website and print amongst other things – the majority of its efforts will be based around it. Once there is an established branding foundation, it will be easier to make other decisions and any future marketing of the business will be built on it.

4. Brand Equity Maximises New Product Launches

One key advantage of solid branding is that it makes promoting new services and products more effective. For instance, whenever those tiny M&M characters appear on screen to promote the release of caramel M&Ms or pretzel M&Ms or any other new flavour, people are more attentive as they are familiar with those little guys. People’s interest is peaked as they already recognise the brand. Therefore, if you plan to introduce into the market a new flavour, product or service, a solid brand will assist you to launch it.

5. Enhances Your Business’ Credibility

When your business has established branding, it improves your credibility not only within your industry but also with customers.

Creative marketing mixed with great customer support and captivating visuals helps build your company as a credible and professional business.

6. Lures in Talent

When a company has good and effective branding, people will take notice. And in most cases, the people taking notice are usually highly skilled influencers, website designers, social media marketers or concept builders. If your business is great at branding itself, then this level of a thinker will desire to be associated with and be a member of your talented team. By absorbing such individuals, you will be strengthening your creative engine.

7. Enables Shared Values

By connecting with your customers through shared values, you can build lifelong loyalty. This loyalty is even spread to future generations.

Consider Toms, for example. Even though these shoes are of good quality, the key thing that makes this brand famous is the donations they make to people in need for every pair sold. This is a perfect example of how great branding is transferred to future generations as parents endeavour to teach their children to give. Maximising a shared emotional connection between your business and your customers is a key aspect of branding.

8. Enhances Confidence

A great one right here: effective branding not only helps to make customers more confident in your business but it also greatly benefits you, as the business owner. All of the energy, time, money and work expended building a company is brought together as a wholesome and professional presentation. Branding is intended to promote the initial product or service. It is promoted by captivating the public’s eye and making them interested. Great branding is meant for the public, however, it is also meant for owners of businesses to make them proud of their creations.