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All You Need to Know About Discrimination Laws in California

There are various types of human discrimination across the world; some are tortured on the grounds of their beliefs, color, sexual orientation, who they love, their political affiliation and much more. If you have witnessed any of this, just know this is what is termed as discrimination, and it is prevalent among employers and other public institutions. It is never fair to discriminate a person because of the above-mentioned reasons at whatsoever. You rights should be fully protected and enjoyed regardless of whether you are a Christian or Muslim, male or female and so on.

You should start by knowing the kinds of discriminations which are contrary to the state law in California. To start with, the California Fair Employment Act is very clear; no one should discriminate you against your national origin, color, ancestry, religious creed, age, marital status or your military veteran status. Therefore, any employer discriminating you or any other person on such grounds should face the wrath of the California law. Considering that the California law addresses “English only” policies, you have ample freedom to use any language as long as it does not contravene with the business necessity. On the same note, the employees should be notified times and circumstances when there is language restrictions as well as the consequences of going against the restriction.

Due to the rise of issues related to the discrimination all over California, there are human rights organization which have come up to document and expose abuses that are based on one’s sexual orientation as well as gender equality. The discrimination cases include discrimination in housing, health, denial of family rights and recognition, domestic violence, discrimination at the workplace and much more. These are the organizations with the common goal of advocating policies and laws that will see full restoration of human dignity and recognition. They have a strong believe that it is feasible to have 0{0c68e1cf76957f1dee848cdea46e9646e1b2069efa80b24c0b7a2b2d30d947af} discrimination state.

On the same note, it is good if you know how you can have a lawyer pursue your claim in the court of law. To start with, if your claim is satisfactorily resolved by the administrative agency, it is not compulsory for you to hire a lawyer for the pursuit of your claims. If the EEOC or DFEH did not handle your claims fairly or to your satisfaction, then it is ideal of you to hire a skilled attorney to present you in the court of law.

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